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Move your brand. Move your products. Move your audience.


Creating copy that works

Over the past couple of decades spent writing copy for clients in a range of industries, I’ve learned a few things about what works…and what doesn’t. This has informed the way I create effective marketing communications. And it’s the reason so many clients continue to work with me, year after year.


So what’s the secret? Consider the following tips:

Know your product 


Getting down into the details is crucial. Because that’s where you often find your most powerful competitive advantages.

Know your audience


How does your product or service improve your prospect’s life? It is this insight, not just clever headlines, that drives success.

Get personal


Speak to your audience about their concerns…instead of boasting about your product or company. Give them a reason to care.

Be different


In a competitive market, you have to stand out from the crowd. Create a unique message. And communicate it boldly.

Focus on action


Make sure to tell prospects what action to take. Create a clear, powerful call to action that draws them in right from “hello.”

Get professional help


You have one chance to make that first impression. Work with a professional who knows how to make that communication count. Someone like me.


About me

What started out as a career in journalism morphed into gigs as a copywriter at a couple of small Boston ad agencies. Then the freelance bug bit. Hard.


Since then, I’ve earned a reputation as the go-to copywriter, digital content maven, and marcom strategist for agencies, design studios, corporations, and non-profits looking for the right words, right now.


Here’s what I am: Quick study. Flexible and fast. Adept with technical topics and products. Focused on results. Easy to work with. Oh, and creative, too.


The most common comment I hear from clients: “You just get it.”


Let’s get together and discuss your challenges.


What clients say

Andy consistently delivers the greatest bang for our marketing buck.

Etienne Grignard
Grignard Company


Expertise matters

I’ve helped market everything from home dialysis devices to investment advisory services to wastewater treatment tanks. And everything in between.


Along the way, I’ve gained significant knowledge in a wide range of industries, including the following:

  • Healthcare and medical 

  • Financial services

  • Technology and biotech

  • Industrial products

  • Professional services

  • Higher education

Not on that list? No problem. I’m a quick study with an insatiable appetite for learning new markets, new technologies, and new business models.


As a consummate generalist, I also have experience developing comprehensive, integrated communications programs that include:

  • Web content

  • Email marketing

  • Social media

  • Search engine marketing

  • Trade show communications

  • Webinars and presentations

  • White papers and articles

  • Print communications


Let's talk

Have a marketing challenge or project in mind? Give me a shout.


(603) 878-3508

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